Autumn Feuille leaf bracelet in shades of yellow and brown diamonds.

Feuille Series

Layers of diamond-set leaves surround the wrist with the whispering grace of the Fall season. Each leaf is set with shades of fancy intense yellow, golden, and light yellow diamonds, totalling over 2000 diamonds. Articulated bracelet hand crafted in 18K yellow gold.

7 in. Long | 1.25 in. Wide | 763 Deep Intense Yellow Full Cut Diamonds 7.87 cts | 78 Deep Brown-yellow Diamond Beads 26.27 cts | 669 Golden Yellow Full Cut Diamonds 6.87 cts | 565 Light Yellow Full Cut Diamonds 5.2 cts

Jewels inspired by the captivating beauty of Autumn, each hand carved to portray the curling forms of dried leaves as they drift and fall upon one another. Ensembles of leaves are layered with emotion, their texture enhanced by the shimmer of Natural fancy colored diamonds.


The fallen leaves whisper the secrets of love they had with the wind.
— by kakoli

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