Quetzal emerald, multicolored gemstones and diamond earrings

La Pluma Series

The strikingly hued Quetzal ear tops reflect the iridescent green of the south American bird, its bright feathers studded with emerald beads. Crafted in custom-color rhodium finished Titanium, the earrings are made luminescent with blue sapphire and tsavorite garnets, set within brilliant cut diamonds.

1.25" x 0.75" | 2 Emerald Beads 2.98 cts | 106 Diamond round Brillant cut 1.67cts | 89 Blue Sapphire 2.18cts | 
69 Tsavorite Garnet 1.87cts

  • $17,500.00

La Pluma epitomizes the raising of our hopes to limitless possibilities; to soar and fly to the zenith of our potential
— by Neha Dani

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