Vaneesha, Queen of the Universe multicolor gem necklace

Necklaces Series

Vaneesha, part of the Shrishti collection, recreates the luminous, amorphous glow of a nebulae into a one-of-a-kind collar. The central part of the necklace is sculpted in titanium with custom color rhodium finishes. The gem-encrusted swirls gleam with Mexican water opals, surrounded by diamonds, sapphires of multiple colors, tsavorites, triangular cabochons of paraiba tourmalines and step-cut shield diamonds. The articulated parts of the necklace are made of custom-color finished 18K white gold.

1 Water Opal 18.35 cts | 59mm Diameter | 1 Paraiba Triangular Cabochon 1.94 cts | 3 Special Step Cut Diamonds 1.58 cts | 162 Round Full Cut Diamonds 3.58 cts | 114 Round Rose Cut Diamonds 3.28 cts | 311 Blue Sapphires 11.83 cts | 208 Purple Sapphires 6.26 cts | 155 Tsavorite Garnets 5.23 cts | 154 Paraiba Rounds 4.00 cts

The word means Universe in Sanskrit and the series explores the beauty and lightness of far-away galaxies. Their illuminated, ethereal forms and curves represent the flow of positive energy that nurtures our beings. The shimmering colors of exquisite gemstones set in custom colored precious metals add color and sparkle to nebulae-like jewels.


An unseen power divines our life, the cosmic energy guides and protect us.
— by Neha Dani

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