An ancient tradition in jewellery making that goes back 6000 years, the work starts with a block of wax which is a compound that allows filing and shaping. The wax comes in different colours based on hardness. Neha works a lot with green wax which is very hard, it can’t be flexed but is ideal for sharp edges and for intricate carvings and delicate engraving – a constant trademark of her jewels are the intricacies, which are first detailed on wax. Her workshop table also has blue and purple wax which have different degrees of flexibility for various details.

Neha spends contemplative hours working on each piece, trying permutations and combinations. She thinks not just of the aesthetic form but also the minute engineering that will be required when cast in metal – how elements would need to be hinged, articulated or locked; whether a pair of earring will move as elegantly when worn by a client as she visualizes on a static frame. Her mind works tirelessly as she gives shape to each piece of gem, in wax, striving for a perfect piece of art.

Once she is satisfied with her creation, the wax models are sent to her designated workshops around the world to be cast in a metal of her choice – gold or titanium and then studded with precious gemstones that she selects herself from the best sources.