Vaneesha, Queen of the Universe multicolor gem necklace

Shrishti Series

Vaneesha, part of the Shrishti collection, recreates the luminous, amorphous glow of a nebulae into a one-of-a-kind collar. The central part of the necklace is sculpted in titanium with custom color rhodium finishes. The gem-encrusted swirls gleam with Mexican water opals, surrounded by diamonds, sapphires of multiple colors, tsavorites, triangular cabochons of paraiba tourmalines and step-cut shield diamonds. The articulated parts of the necklace are made of custom-color finished 18K white gold.

16" | 3 Water Opals 45.63 ct | 3 Triangular Paraiba Cabochons 5.32 ct | 4 Special Step Cut Diamonds 1.97 ct | 130 Paraiba Tourmalines 2.71 ct | 444 Blue Sapphires 11.21 ct | 305 Purple Sapphires 8.37 ct | 79 Tsavorite 2.19 ct | 336 Round Full Cut Diamonds 5.44 ct | 124 Round Rose Cut Diamonds 3.85 ct

An unseen power divines our life, the cosmic energy guides and protects us.
— by Neha Dani

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