Yuvarna and Arunima

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These two one of a kind pieces explore the beauty and lightness of the astrological phenomena of the galaxies in outer space that speak to the energy around us that protects and nurtures us. The pair was executed over many months of painstaking sculpting and modeling, in tridimensional flowing curves punctuated by the brilliance of stars and cosmic explosions.
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Part of Shrishti Universe

The shimmering colors of the gemstones evoke what one imagines of the planetary nebulae in the cosmos.

About the Yuvarna and Arunima

Yuvarna Ring

1 Fire Opal 22.8 cts | 4 Blue Sapphire Beads 2.00 cts | 116 Yellow Diamonds 0.72 ct | 87 Orange Diamonds 0.49 ct | 271 Blue Sapphire Rounds 1.83 cts | Titanium, 18k Gold & Custom Color Rhodium Finishes
Arunima Earrings

Yellow titanium was chosen as the main metal in the Arunima earrings, as it beautifully highlights the glowing shade of the central stones and enhances the yellow and orange diamonds that further embellish the pieces.To achieve a salient contrast between the design elements, Neha finished the entire ensemble with delicate beads and cabochons of blue sapphires. Neha Dani selected to embellish the Yuvarna ring with Mexican fire opals weighing 22.80 carats. Their flame-like colour perfectly embodies the passion we hold within us – a kind of inner fire that fuels our desire to never give up and achieve our goals.

2 Fire Opals 37.06 cts | 9 Blue Sapphire Beads 7.15 cts | 216 Yellow Diamonds | 2.52 cts | 47 Yellow Diamonds | 1.82 cts | 101 Orange Diamonds 2.94 cts | 62 Orange Diamonds 0.62 ct | 2 Blue Sapphire Pear Cabochon 1.35 cts | 335 Blue Sapphire Rounds 6.08 cts | Titanium, 18k Gold & Custom Color Rhodium Finishes