Amarante Cuff

Created with 18K rose gold with 11,629 fancy intense pink and light pink diamonds.

Each bloom is as unique as Nature itself. A triple layer cuff bracelet masterfully hand sculpted in branches of 18K rose gold, with delicate blooms set under magnification with 11,611 pink diamonds surrounding 18 certified fancy intense purplish-pink round diamonds.

59mm diameter, 2.5 in. wide | 18 GIA Certified Natural Fancy Vivid Intense Purplish Pink Diamonds - 4.02cts | 11,611 Natural Pink Diamonds 72.83cts

In the garden of Eden, low beneath overhanging branches or leaning peacefully against the trunk of an oak tree, colorful blooms punctuate the universe with beauty and grace. Neha Dani translates the beauty of such wondrous natural creations into art, crystalized in jewels of bold hues and tridimensional forms.

Introducing Amarante Cuff Bracelet

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
— by Gerard De Nerval

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