Kephi Series

The Irene necklace evokes the spirit of Kephi - flowing spirals of a custom-colored titanium pendant representing passion and joy. The jewel is anchored by a pear shape blue zircon and a pear shape purple sapphire.  Irene's swirls are set with blue and purple sapphires, paraiba tourmalines and diamonds. The chain is made of 18K rose gold, with gemstone accents and a custom-made diamond-set infinity clasp.

  • 1 Pear Shape Blue Zircon 14.30 cts
  • 1 Pear Shape Purple Sapphire 1.50 cts
  • 105 Round Blue Sapphires 3.22 cts
  • 92 Round Purple Sapphires 2.85 cts
  • 75 Round Paraiba Tourmalines 1.55 cts
  • 257 Diamonds 3.70 cts.
  • Pendant made in custom colour finished Titanium and chain and clasp in 18K Rose Gold
  • $38,000.00

A palette of vibrant colours that swirl in orbits of energy reflect my passion as I find my kefi as an artist.