Irene Necklace

Created with rare natural colored gemstones and diamonds.

The Irene ("Peace") necklace presents a custom-colored hand-made titanium spiral pendant anchored by two exquisite pear shape gems: a blue zircon and a purple sapphire. The surface of the Irene swirls are set with blue and purple sapphires, paraiba tourmalines and diamonds. The Irene chain is made of 18K rose gold, with accents in the same gemstones and a custom-made diamond-set infinity clasp.

1 Pear Shape Blue Zircon 14.30 Cts; 1 Pear Shape Purple Sapphire 1.50 Cts | 105 Round Blue Sapphires 3.22 Cts | 92 Round Purple Sapphires 2.85 Cts

The name is derived from the ancient Greek word “Kefi,” which describes the process of discovering happiness, the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, high spirits and overpowering emotion. This magical emotion is interpreted in six rings, two earrings, one bracelet and a statement pendant. Common to each of the designs are the embracing curves and contours that create an orbiting flow of energy around the bold, contrasting gemstones.

Introducing the IRENE NECKLACE

Κephi is a philosophy; it is a small sparkle that doesn’t last eternally but gifts us the true state of happiness.

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