La Pluma Series

The Loriini bracelet is as colourful as its namesake - the brightly hued parakeet. The flexible titanium feathers of the delicate jewel are encrusted with precious coloured stone pave connected with emerald beads.

  • 8 Emerald Beads 20.10 cts
  • 186 Round Brillant Cut Diamonds 2.63 cts
  • 214 Blue Sapphire 4.70 cts
  • 179 Purple Sapphire 4.09 cts
  • 97 Tsavorite Garnets 1.48 cts
  • Titanium

I dream of a future that gives each one of us infinite liberty to soar to the zenith of our potential. Just as birds take flight, on wings of aspiration.