La Pluma Series

The Monal earrings glitter with blue and deep pink sapphires encrusted on swirling feathers, each piece set with a centre stone of a tanzanite bead. Plumes of brilliant cut round diamonds give wings of radiance to these long earrings.

  • 2 Tanzanite Round Beads 12.15 cts
  • 133 Round Brillant Cut Diamonds 2.45 cts
  • 16 Rose Cut Diamonds 0.78 cts
  • 172 Blue Sapphires 3.90 cts
  • 179 Deep Pink Sapphires 4.12cts
  • Titanium
  • $29,000.00

I dream of a future that gives each one of us infinite liberty to soar to the zenith of our potential. Just as birds take flight, on wings of aspiration.