La Pluma Series

The Pavona earrings have delicate overlapping feathers of titanium set with diamonds, blue and purple sapphires and tsavorite garnets of deep blue and green, like the royal peacock. Emerald pear cabochons at the top anchor the fluidly moving piece at the earlobe.

  • 2 Emerald Pear Cabochons 9.27 cts
  • 2 Emerald Beads 2.79 cts
  • 2 Blue Sapphire Beads 1.23 cts
  • 196 Round Brillant Cut Diamonds 3.75cts
  • 169 Blue Sapphire 4.30 cts
  • 140 Purple Sapphire 2.97cts
  • 183 Tsavorite Garnets 3.82 cts
  • Titanium

I dream of a future that gives each one of us infinite liberty to soar to the zenith of our potential. Just as birds take flight, on wings of aspiration.